Elsecar Heritage Centre is an Antique, History and Craft Centre offering something for everyone.

Set in the attractive conservation village of Elsecar, Elsecar Heritage Centre is located within the former ironworks and colliery workshops of the Earl Fitzwilliam. Restored historical buildings now house an antique centre, individual craft workshops, and exhibitions of Elsecar's past. Elsecar Heritage Centre is also the ideal location to access the Trans Pennine Trail.

Elsecar Heritage Centre is open 7 days a week, 10am to 5pm, although individual shops and businesses within Elsecar Heritage Centre have varying opening times.

Free parking and entry to site, (admission fee applicable to some special events and attractions).  Regular public transport service available to Elsecar via train, (Leeds, Sheffeild, Barnsley, Wakefield), or bus route 66 from Barnsley Station.  Cycle racks available on-site.

Responsible dog owners welcome.

Around Elsecar Heritage Centre
Elsecar Village is an excellent example of an early industrial village with its stone cottages built for the miners and foundry workers now being an attractive feature. Just across the road from Elsecar Heritage Centre you will find one of the prettiest small parks with an adjoining reservoir, popular with anglers and bird watchers.

Nearby is the village of Wentworth with the grand Wentworth Woodhouse stately home and Wentworth Garden Centre.  

Elsecar Heritage Centre Street Lamp

Further attractions at Elsecar Heritage Centre
As well as the regular attractions at Elsecar Heritage Centre you will find a full program of events taking place throughout the year, including themed children's activities and outdoor car shows, fairs, etc. The Elsecar Heritage Railway run a variety of events such as Thomas and Friends, Santa Specials and an Elsecar Wartime weekend.

Building 21 is the Elsecar Heritage Centre's major exhibition / events hall for stage performances, product launches, shows, fairs, concerts and conferences. The venue also plays host to Yorkshires biggest and best monthly Antiques and Collectables Fair.



Elsecar Heritage Centre

Day 40 of Barnsley’s Greatest Treasures campaign.

'Interior of a Courtyard', c.1765 by Canaletto (1697 – 1768)
Oil on canvas. Giovanni Antonio Canal, or Canaletto, is the most famous of the Italian view painters, with his detail of architecture and use of contrasting light and shade. This painting is one of Canaletto’s later pieces. It is a smaller copy of his presentation piece to the Academy of Fine Arts in Venice, when he was elected as a member in the 1760s. Cannon Hall Museum collection.

For more information about the treasures please visit http://www.barnsley-museums.com/barnsleys-greatest-treasures

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Day 39 Barnsleys Greatest Treasures Campaigns.

Barnsley Cordwainers' Society ledger, 1747-1867.

Barnsley Cordwainers’ Society dates back to 1747 and claims to be the oldest Friendly Society in the country. Originally connected to the leather trade, the Society existed to help members and their families with sick pay and death benefits. This general ledger which details payments made by members covers the period 1747-1867.

For more information about the treasures please visit http://www.barnsley-museums.com/barnsleys-greatest-treasures

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A very different Christmas 100 years ago - local women gather around a 'patriotic Christmas tree' at Elsecar Main Colliery on Boxing Day, just months after the outbreak of the First World War.

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