Elsecar Heritage Centre is an Antique, History and Craft Centre offering something for everyone.

Set in the attractive conservation village of Elsecar, Elsecar Heritage Centre is located within the former ironworks and colliery workshops of the Earl Fitzwilliam. Restored historical buildings now house an antique centre, individual craft workshops, and exhibitions of Elsecar's past. Elsecar Heritage Centre is also the ideal location to access the Trans Pennine Trail.

Elsecar Heritage Centre is open 7 days a week, 10am to 5pm, although individual shops and businesses within Elsecar Heritage Centre have varying opening times.

Free parking and entry to site, (admission fee applicable to some special events and attractions).  Regular public transport service available to Elsecar via train, (Leeds, Sheffeild, Barnsley, Wakefield), or bus route 66 from Barnsley Station.  Cycle racks available on-site.

Responsible dog owners welcome.

Around Elsecar Heritage Centre
Elsecar Village is an excellent example of an early industrial village with its stone cottages built for the miners and foundry workers now being an attractive feature. Just across the road from Elsecar Heritage Centre you will find one of the prettiest small parks with an adjoining reservoir, popular with anglers and bird watchers.

Nearby is the village of Wentworth with the grand Wentworth Woodhouse stately home and Wentworth Garden Centre.  

Elsecar Heritage Centre Street Lamp

Further attractions at Elsecar Heritage Centre
As well as the regular attractions at Elsecar Heritage Centre you will find a full program of events taking place throughout the year, including themed children's activities and outdoor car shows, fairs, etc. The Elsecar Heritage Railway run a variety of events such as Thomas and Friends, Santa Specials and an Elsecar Wartime weekend.

Building 21 is the Elsecar Heritage Centre's major exhibition / events hall for stage performances, product launches, shows, fairs, concerts and conferences. The venue also plays host to Yorkshires biggest and best monthly Antiques and Collectables Fair.



Elsecar Heritage Centre

Aaarrrggghhhh. Just been utterly terrified - get down here and experience a horror-packed journey on the Elsecar Heritage Railway..... If you dare!

Trains from 5pm to 8.30pm.

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Next Thursday, the Ironworks will be filled with the wonderful sound of the most famous brass band in the world when we welcome Grimethorpe Colliery Band to Elsecar.

Tickets are only £10 and there's a bar available too. It promises to be a great evening. Book your tickets today by calling 01226 740203.


Grimethorpe Colliery Band in Concert - Elsecar


We are thrilled to announce a performance by The Grimethorpe Colliery Band at Elsecar Heritage Centre.

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Elsecar and Milton were two ironworks with an excellent reputation and long histories - both were begun in the 1790s and not closed down until the 1880s, owned by the Earls Fitzwilliam throughout and leased by various famous Ironmasters.

From 1790s to c1820, Milton was run by the Walker Brothers Ironmasters of Rotherham, who produced much for the Napoleonic Wars and, in approx 1813-18, cast the huge Southwark Bridge over the Thames. Both this bridge and that made for the Brunels a few years later were set out in fields around the village - thousands came to gaze at them.

From the 1840s to 1880s, both Ironworks were run by the Dawes Brothers, famous Ironmasters who began Scunthorpe's iron industry from their main base here in Elsecar, and whose achievements included bridges over the Don in Sheffield after the Great 1864 Flood.

There's lots more stories, and maps, documents and intriguing letters to share, which we will do soon.

There will be new signs too, to show visitors the many remains of the Elsecar Ironworks that still survive. The events space known as Building 21 was its state-of-the-art rolling mill, built in c1853. Look at these pictures - they show the mighty blast furnaces in 1870, and what has become one of Elsecar Heritage Railway's loco-sheds!

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